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Table of Contents
I. Introduction II. Branches of Philosophy III. Schools of Thoughts IV. Political Philosophy V. Ancient Philosophy VI. Medieval Philosophy VII. Modern Philosophy List of Philosophers Glossary
I. Introduction

Introduction: Western philosophy | Philosophical doctrines | Ethics and political philosophy in the West | Applied philosophy | Eastern philosophy | African philosophy

Eastern and Western Philosophy: Eastern | Western

History of Western Philosophy: Ancient | Medieval | Modern | 19th to mid-20th century | List of western philosophers

II. Branches of Philosophy

Metaphysics | Epistemology | Ethics | Logic | Aesthetics

III. Schools of Thoughts

Analytic Philosophy | Aristotelianism | Classical Marxism | Continental philosophy | Cynics | Deconstructionism | Deism | Deontology | Dialectical materialism | Dualism | Eclecticism | Empiricism | Epicureanism | Existentialism | Feminism | German idealism | Hedonism | Hegelianism | Hermeneutics | Historical materialism | Humanism | Idealism | Kantianism | Logical Positivism | Marxism | Materialism | Monism | Neoplatonism | Nihilism | Objectivism | Ordinary Language | Phenomenology | Platonism | Positivism | Post-modernism | Post-structuralism | Pragmatism | Presocratic | Rationalism | Realism | Relativism | Scholasticism | Skepticism | Sophism | Stoicism | Structuralism | Transcendentalism | Utilitarianism | Virtue Ethics

IV. Political Philosophy

Political Philosophy: History | Contemporary political philosophy | Influential political philosophers | Aristocracy | Meritocracy | Monarchy | Tyrany | Oligarchy | Plutocracy | Democracy | Humanism | Liberalism | Utilitarianism | Communitarianism | Feudalism | Capitalism | Fascism | Marxism | Communism | Despotism | Anarchism | Syndicalism

V. Ancient Philosophy

Ancient Philosophy: Western | Indian | Old Iranian | Chinese

Greek philosophy: Pre-Socratic philosophy
Milesian school: Thales | Anaximander | Anaximenes of Miletus
Pythagoreanism: Pythagoras | Philolaus | Alcmaeon | Archytas | Timaeus
Ephesian School: Heraclitus
Eleatic School: Xenophanes | Parmenides | Zeno of Elea | Melissus of Samos
Pluralist School: Anaxagoras | Empedocles
Atomist School: Leucippus | Democritus
Sophism: Protagoras | Gorgias | Prodicus | Hippias | Diogenes of Apollonia | Pherecydes
Socrates: Socratic method | Socratic dialogue
Plato: Platonic idealism | Platonic realism | Middle Platonism | Platonic epistemology | Platonic doctrine of recollection | Theory of forms

Hellenistic Philosophy: Cynicism | Epicureanism | Hedonism | Eclecticism | Skepticism | Stoicism | Sophism

Neoplatonism: Ammonius Saccas | Plotinus | Hypatia of Alexandria | Iamblichus of Chalcis | Proclus | Hierocles of Alexandria | Simplicius of Cilicia | Damascius

VI. Medieval Philosophy

Philosophy: Scholasticism | Supposition theory | Renaissance of the 12th century

Philosophers: Anselm of Canterbury - Ontological argument | Roscellinus - Nominalism | Peter Abelard | Avicenna | Averroes | Maimonides | Saint Thomas Aquinas | William of Ockham - Occam's razor

VII. Modern Philosophy

Rationalism: Dualism | Materialism | René Descartes | Baruch Spinoza | Gottfried Leibniz | Immanuel Kant

Empiricism: John Locke | George Berkeley | David Hume


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