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The Wide Wide Sea by Hampton Sides Nuclear War by Annie Jacobsen The Restaurant by William Sitwell Age of Revolutions: Progress and Backlash from 1600 to the Present by Fareed Zakaria The Lost Fleet by Barry Clifford 1177 B.C. by Eric H. Cline The Fifties by David Halberstam Watergate by Garrett M. Graff Nero by Anthony Everitt & Roddy Ashworth The Five by Hallie Rubenhold Caesar and Christ by Will Durant The Demon of Unrest by Erik Larson Ancient Rome by DK Resistance: The Underground War Against Hitler, 1939-1945 by Halik Kochanski The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson A Fever in the Heartland by Timothy Egan Manhunt by James L. Swanson The Afghanistan Papers by Craig Whitlock & The Washington Post Hell Put to Shame by Earl Swift Empire of the Summer Moon by S. C. Gwynne Blood and Treasure by Bob Drury & Tom Clavin A Great Improvisation by Stacy Schiff Masters of the Air by Donald L. Miller With the Old Breed by Eugene B. Sledge The Splendid and the Vile by Erik Larson American Passage by Vincent J. Cannato Killing the Witches by Bill O'Reilly & Martin Dugard 1776 by David McCullough The War Below by James Scott The First Victory by Andrew Stewart A Peace to End All Peace by David Fromkin Sam Patch, the Famous Jumper by Paul E. Johnson The Making of the President 1960 by Theodore H. White 1492 by Felipe Fernández-Armesto We Are Soldiers Still by Harold G. Moore & Joseph L. Galloway The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel by Douglas Brunt The Lost City of Z by David Grann The Guns of August by Barbara W. Tuchman Band of Brothers by Stephen E. Ambrose Black Hearts by Jim Frederick The Invention of Prehistory: Empire, Violence, and Our Obsession with Human Origins by Stefanos Geroulanos Lone Survivor by Marcus Luttrell & Patrick Robinson Hitler's Last Day: Minute by Minute by Jonathan Mayo & Emma Craigie The Bastard Brigade by Sam Kean Against All Odds by Alex Kershaw El Narco by Ioan Grillo The Immortality Key by Brian C. Muraresku Chamber Divers by Rachel Lance The Jerusalem Files by Corjan Mol & Christopher Morford The History Book by DK